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All of my sea glass gems were picked up on beaches, bays or where tidal rivers flow into larger bodies of salt water along the East Coast. I have never paid for my sea glass nor has it been tumbled or altered with the exception of drilling.  My sea glass is pure and untouched. I am now a professional member of  the North American Sea Glass Association (NASGA).

About My Work

Some of my work involves crocheting beads and small drilled pieces of sea glass into necklaces. I use a silk/cotton blend with varying hues. I also design pendants using mixed metal or .925 silver bails and necklace chains. My bracelets have large chunks of sea glass paired with complementary colors of beads. Earrings range from tiny pieces matched with beads and .925 silver wires to small rare colored sea glass chips dropped into a resin bezel/wire.

No two items are the same; nor are the pieces perfectly matched. When you buy a pair of earrings from me you will see that while the glass is similar each piece is different. 


My History

I have collected sea glass for over 25 years and have built most vacations around beach areas where I can collect this special glass. My family supports my collecting with good humor! Within the last 10 years I started creating sea glass jewelry and am now moving into silver soldering  and custom orders.